moments - fun - business -- stavelin is your choice of photographer

Stavelin have many years experience as a photographer. He know how to set the happy couple in focus.

The finished product will be delivered professionally and quickly in whatever format you want. Raw files, ready for web or print.

the wedding photographer

The wedding couple need pictures of it all. Preparations, the ceremony, guests and the party. To be able to cover all this as a photographer, you need a plan and a schedule AND you need to be flexible. A good photographer know this. He also know how to pay attention to those important details that make the pictures perfect and a joy to look at for years to come.

events that are important for you


We all get older and we realize that the time goes way to fast. We got children and grand children. You have important events in your life. The people you love grow up. There are birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. These are all special moments that need a good photographer that makes sure you got the memories you deserve.

We all got excellent mobile phones and we use them all the time. We take more pics than ever. But where does these pics end up? And what about the quality? You should never stop snapping with your mobile, but for the special moments you need a photographer with proper equipment to make sure you get pictures for the future.

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