Stavelin`s resymé

I am an IT guy. I have been a CIO/CTO, IT Manager for the last 9 years. I have done other things to. Continue reading to know more.


Background from management with both local and international experience. Within the IT sector I have experience from building IT architecture, deployment and operations. A wide experience from managing others, i.e consultants and staff.

The experience extends also to programming, customer management and customer satisfaction.

Background also from procurement, production planning and quality assurance.




Some of the duties I had as a CIO/CTO:

  • Assist and advice immediate superior and other group managers in strategic and operational questions related to use of existing infrastructure and questions regarding investments
  • Responsible for the global communication network
  • Prepare and propose the IT strategy for the management of the group
  • Develop and maintain the companys IT policy and secure the alignment to the IT strategy
  • Creating and follow up the IT budget and negotiation with all suppliers within the IT area
  • Constantly challenge better utilization of the companys IT recourses and propose new features that will support the companys work process in the most cost efficient way.
  • Develop competence within the IT department and the recourses available
  • Provide all users in the company sufficient support
  • Maintain a sufficient safety policy concerning IT infrastructure


Because I understand business processes and know how to make the IT department become an economic part of the business!



I am

  • Ambitious
  • Professional
  • Result oriented
  • Communicative
  • Focused
  • Flexible
  • Available



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