Healthy, functional IT


I can:

  • be your IT advisor
  • sit at your side of the table when you need help with IT decisions
  • establish rutines for how to do IT
  • make realistic IT budgets
  • establish good and professional IT support
  • help you with development of IT solutions
  • help you with routines for proper reports
  • IT strategy
  • managent, team building and motivation
  • consolidations of hardware and software


Stavelin - an independant IT consultant


Most companies ask themselves:

Should we have internal IT resources? What can the CLOUD do for our business? How much do we really need to pay for software licenses? How can we get more speed from our network? Do we really need redundancy for our data? And what about power supply? Did we mention backup?


I can help you with the answers.

I can suggest and evaluate different solutions, independant from suppliers.

I can also advice you where to invest in your IT budget and when and where to cut costs.


Call me and let´s see what we can do for each other.


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